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What is a good food dehydrator

How do I know the drying time of my dehydrator?

The drying time of fruits and vegetables depends on many parameters and is different depending on the model of dehydrator used. All these drying times are available on the "Drying time" page.

How much does an electric food dehydrator consume?

To calculate the power consumption of your dehydrator you can use the page "Electricity consumption of a the right food dehydrator". For more information you can read the following article: "How much your dehydrator consumes". Who to contact for more information on industrial dehydrators? For more information on industrial dehumidifiers or dryers, please refer to the page "Industrial or professional dryers and dryers".

How does a dehydrator work?

You can read the article "All the elements of a dehydrator" which detail the different elements of a dehydrator or consult our page "The dehydrator" which explains the advantages of a food dehydrator. ;

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